Galili provides comprehensive documentation and training services for systems and technologies.

Among our clients are Hi-tech, communication, software, HLS, defense and military companies.

Documentation & Technical Writing
Galili LTD produces large range of documentation types such as operation & maintenance manuals, user guides, software documentation, job guides and more. documentation can be exported for traditional formats (DOC, PDF, TXT etc.) and as advanced electronic documentation (On-Line Help, ePubs, Native Apps, Web Apps etc.)

Training Development, E-learning
Galili LTD is a full-service training solutions provider, specializes in cracking the learning code and developing effective learning solutions especially for systems and technologies, through a variety of integrated and innovative methodologies and tools (traditional training and e-learning etc.)

Catalogs and Process Engineering
3D engineering design using CAD software. Transfer of knowledge to the production line using Assembly Files in 2D and/or 3D, in a unique visual language VOP - Visual Oriented Procedures

Consultation and ILS
Consultation services include product (ILS), integration and implementation of technological systems, products and end-user applications.

Galili LTD Benefits

Galili Ltd. Is one of the only companies that provide a total solution for all the documentation areas, technical instruction, engineering and system, product and technology operation.

The company activities are based on permanent employees, no sub-contractors. We are completely self-reliant for any job – from development to production and implementation.

Our team consists of Technical writers, Instruction developers, CAD engineers and associate engineers and Graphic Artists. This unique team can provide a solution for any project, synergy between various solutions, efficient development procedures and of course a reduction of required resources.

Galili Ltd. enables our clients to rise to a new level in the transfer of knowledge to the production line field using a new product.

An Assembly file in 2D or 3D formats using a unique visual language named Visual Oriented Procedure based completely on an intuitive and unique visual language.

Galili Ltd. Offers complete Single Source Authoring, professional, sharp and smart E-documents of data sites in EBOOKS, EPUB3, HTML5 and of course Online Help in various formats. The solutions can be displayed on PCs as well as portable screens such as IPad and Android based screens.

We have received Security classification (Classified, Secret, etc.) from the Israeli Ministry of Defense and are tightly controlled by the Ministry. The work is carried out at our secure office by employees with the correct security classifications.

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